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Molecular mechanism of bioresonance therapy – the influence on genes expression. Part II


L.A. Boсkeria, O.L. Boсkeria, N.T. Salia, D.V. Dzidziguri, E.D. Bakuradze, М.Y. Gotovsky

In present time, to estimate the reparation process one pays attention on expression of the genes which control cell growth and partition. The genes which start expression after 30 minutes after injury are called “the genes of early answer”. The products of such expression are transcription factors for genes delayed early answer which gain their peak in 6 hour after procedure. There is a significant correlation between increasing of transcriptional nucleus activity during reparation and mitotic activity of hepatocytes in white rats. Because of the fact that BRT has a wide action spectrum on human body, we can suppose that there is a similar mechanism of action. So the purpose of our research was to determine the fact of influence on genes expression in early phase of reparative process. Experiments were lead on white rats (120-140 g) (n=70). Experimental models – partial hepatectomy and unilateral nephrectomy. The animals were divided in following groups: I group control (intact adult rats); II group – experimental, animals after partial hepatectomy, III group – experimental, partial hepatectomy and 1 hour BRT; IV group – experimental – unilateral nephroectomy and V group – experimental - unilateral nephroectomy and 1 hour BRT Hepatic and nephritic cells’ nucleuses were separated using Shovo method. Nucleus RNA synthesis was estimated using labeled predecessor of [14C]-УТФ in acidinsoluble fraction. The quantities of impulses were measured by scintillation counter SL-40. The RNA intensity in control group was 100%. Animals were scarified under etherization. The biological materials were fixed in Carnua fixator, blocking were lead in 5% mixture of wax and lamp-wax. Section 5 mkm, were colored by hemotocsilin – eosin. Histological materials were investigated under light microscopy “Lomo”. Accuracy were estimated by Student criteria (p < 0.01). BRT by endogenous electromagnetic fields were leading using IMEDIS-Expert, in endogenous BRT regime with the follow parameters: density – 0.2 mT, frequency – 10-500000 Hz, operating mode – therapy/ pause – 3:1; sequential switching of frequencies , one frequency exposition time – 1 sec. The duration of the therapy 60 min. Animals were put in the contour of magnetic loop, connected to the device. The changes of genes expression in stimulated hepatic and nephron cells of white rats confirm the selective way of action. These results let us conclude that BRT enhance genes expression that control partition. The enhance of total genes expression activity explain enhance of proliferative activity of hepatic tissue after partial hepatectomy. After BRT the total RNA synthesis activity in parenchyma cell’s nucleus increase that explains increasing of proliferative activity of hepatic cells after partition hepatectomy.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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