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Estimation of efficiency of the discrete spatial-frequency signal pick-up in multiposition passive location systems


A.V. Vanyasov, O.N. Eltsov, V.A. Ponkin

In the modern conditions of a wide circulation of the active radio-electronic means perfection of multiposition systems of a passive location is actual. Important step to this direction is application of the phase-frequency method implemented on the basis of technology of joint aposteriori handling results of measurements (JAHROM). According to technology JAHROM their information parameters are measured in signal pick-up points, and the received results of measurements are transferred on communication paths for joint handling to a computer. As at implementation of technology JAHROM information parameters of accepted signals can be measured only discretely in the spatial-frequency channels, there is a task of an estimation of its efficiency at reception and signal processing in multiposition systems of a passive location. In article output effects of systems with optimal handling and with handling JAHROM are considered. Efficiency of algorithm JAHROM is estimated in comparison with optimal with reference to one spatial-frequency channel. The analytical expressions installing reciprocal relationship of parameters of space and frequency discrete channels of multiposition system of a passive location with its efficiency (by criterion of a signal-to-noise ratio) are received. For acknowledgement of reliability of the received results mathematical modeling is led. From the received results outputs are drawn on possibility of application of the received analytical dependences and efficiency of technology JAHROM.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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