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The simulation model of the method of nondestructive measurement of the magnetic fields


A.A. Zhilnikov, T.A. Zhilnikov, V.I. Zhulev

The study of nondestructive measurements of the magnetic field numerical modeling is one of the most effective development tools and effective method for further study of such systems by tomography. This model is simpler and more convenient to investigate the effect of its possibilities to spend with it, so called computational experiments, in cases where real experiments, during the development of complicated and involve a large number of measurements. Following the main stages of the model was formulated task, which involves the development of a simulation model that implements the subject area of nondestructive method of measurement. In addition, a simulation of the object, which is the system of of nondestructive method of measuring the volume, intended for the registration of the reach of mechanical penetration of the instantaneous distribution of bulk states of the magnetic field nonuniform in space and periodic in time. The paper conducted a simulation method of numerical simulation of nondestructive measurement of the magnetic induction vector function nonuniform distributed in space and periodically changing in time magnetic field. It concludes with a synthesis of results and an algorithm that reproduces the functioning of the system under study measuring the volume of nondestructive method of measurement.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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