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The anisotropy of a background radiation in the fractal cosmological model


I.K. Rozgacheva, A.A. Agapov, A.V. Lukashevich, E.K. Los’, E.E. Kuvshinova

An analysis of the SDSS DR7 quasars catalogue and of the CMB anisotropy data according to WMAP-7 shows that the large-scale structure of the Universe is characterized by a range of power-laws. These properties are evidences of fractality because they may be interpreted through a conception of the Universe as an assembly of self-similar space-time domains. Photons of a background radiation pass through the domains and their energies change due to gravitational interaction. The power spectrum of the anisotropy of the background radiation in the fractal cosmological model is calculated. It is shown this spectrum is closed to the observed angular power spectrum of the SDSS-quasar distribution on the celestial sphere. Only qualitatively it conforms to the angular power spectrum of CMB (WMAP-7).
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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