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Kinetic modeling of dissipative structures


M.B. Saikhanov

Kinetic modeling of dissipative structures is based on the concept of heterogeneity of the energy spectrum of strongly non-stationary. It is shown that the dissipative structures belong to a class of locally non-equilibrium systems, simulations are globally must be based on the principle of minimum entropy production, generalized to the non-stationary case, and local – based on the entropy balance equation. To this end a modification of the functional total entropy production is carried which in contrast to the local-equilibrium systems is dependent on the local gradients of the thermodynamic parameters and optionally an external force due to the inhomogeneity of the field (temperature, pressure, etc.) and attached to a macroscopic system. Kinetic stability criteria of strongly non-equilibrium non-stationary system considered including the stability boundary (neutral condition) and in an unstable state. Shown that the appearance of a dissipative structure is able to neutral stability of the system, and it’s restructuring – in an unstable state. At the global level of the system mathematical criteria of the formation and restructuring of dissipative structures is formulated. The analysis of the overall results is performed for the case of kinetic modeling of turbulent flow.

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