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Transfer factor © as the proof-reader of immune system for decrease in biological age of man


A.Ya. Chizhov, E.S. Zenchuk, V. N. Krutko, V.I. Dontsov

For an assessment of extent of development of an organism (aging) the research of the condition of the separate biomarkers being indicators for determination of value of biological age was carried out. Application of Transfer Factor™ (TF) Company 4 Life Research for men (middle age of 63 years) in a dose of 600 mg a day, within 6 weeks lead both to authentic improvement as separate values of the biomarkers defining extent of aging, and decrease of biological age in comparison with calendar on the average for 8,2 years. In control group and group taking a placebo the authentic differences between passport and biological age was not noted. After course Tansfer Faktor the values of systolic arterial pressure exceeding physiological level before the beginning, were normalized. Decrease in vascular walls of the sclerous processes arising with age can be one of the reasons of this phenomenon. An important indicator of level of aging of an organism is test to the Shtange. With age its values decrease, reflecting both increase in functional intensity of a pulmonary fabric, and decrease in its elasticity and permeability for oxygen. Improvement of this indicator following the results of taking of TF has huge value for all organism as it testifies to increase in adaptable possibilities and ability to carry out big loadings. The obtained data allow to recommend wide application of Transfer фактора™ Company4 Life Research as one of the main components in complex prevention of premature aging of a human body.
May 29, 2020

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