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Kliniko-biochemical prospects of working out of noninvasive methods of an estimation endogen intoxications, value of indicators of urine and a saliva


G.K. Rubsov, N.V. Besruchko, K.D. Anopin, E.V. Krivchenkova

Traditionally one of routine methods of kliniko-laboratory inspection are studying gematological tests, the analysis of kliniko-biochemical tests in various fractions of blood. At the same time, despite информативность and the prognostic importance of these indicators for an estimation of a state of health of the person, the increasing attention of researchers is involved with noninvasive methods of monitoring. The analysis of the data of the literature on separate groups of noninvasive methods of biochemical researches is carried out - biochemical techniques of research of a saliva and urine. The importance of working out and introduction in practice of noninvasive methods of monitoring endogen is shown an intoxication, but in the conditions of kliniko-diagnostic laboratories of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments they are extended insufficiently. The further workings out in this area of clinical biochemistry or adaptation of available standard kliniko-biochemical techniques of the analysis of degree endogen are necessary for an intoxication to noninvasive biological environments. In a complex of noninvasive kliniko-biochemical methods of an estimation endotoxicose are especially actual, from the practical point of view, saliva and urine indicators.
May 29, 2020

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