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The approach to association of the facts in information-analytical systems


A.L. Butov, A.S. Sizov., U.A. Khalin

At formation of the description of situations of one of the primary goals association found on the previous stages of functioning information and analytic system of the facts with possibility of their they further representation in the form of otchetno-information documents is. For association of the facts as an information basis the saved up knowledge of the situations stored in the knowledge base of information and analytic system are used. As model of knowledge base of information and analytic system the model of a following kind is used: , where – The thesaurus of subject domain described in the knowledge base, used for search of phrases in texts, extraction of the facts from the text data, associations of the data received from various sources, and also for a situation assessment; – Set of rules of a rubrication set of rules of the rubrication used for classification of the collected text data, and also removals of materials of advertising character and other data which are not bearing semantic loading; – Set of descriptions of objects of research in which quality the organisations, persons, the countries, areas, cities, the rivers, etc., expressed in the text act as proper names. The set of objects is used for definition of the most important fragments of texts at preliminary processing of the text data and extraction of the facts at analytical processing of the information; – Set of descriptions of regions which the object and an object of research concern; – Set of descriptions of sources of the data, used at formation of inquiries to sources for gathering of the text data; – Model of base of rules for an estimation of situations for each element of set of zones of responsibility. For the description of the facts the model of a following kind is used: where – slot with a name of the subject of the fact (initiates action); – slot with a name of object of the fact (result of action); – slot with a predicate (the semantic relation between the subject and object). After formation of knowledge base of information and analytic system, in an offered method gathering and the preliminary data processing which is coming to the end with their rubrication is spent, and, realisation of association of the processed data according to the chosen headings and formation result the accounting document further is provided.

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