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Mathematical model of geospatial data handling procedure


A.I. Zakharenkov, A.V. Shabanov

The article reveals a mathematical model based on queueing theory methods. The model describes geospatial data (GSD) handling procedure in different modes of geoinformation system (GIS) operation: reference GSD generation (storage), GSD actualization; information reports issuance; generation and issuance of information reports on operating data. In accordance with the model, four key elements (blocks) realizing main groups of GSD handling procedure technological processes are singled out in the GIS program-technical tools framework. The article reviews analytic dependences which allow to calculate probabilistic and temporal GSD handling procedure characteristics taking into consideration multi-nomenclatural input and output data in different operating modes. The suggested model takes into account operated basic elements diversity and can be used to solve problems of variously aimed GIS composition and structure optimization.

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