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Social-cultural consideration of informational systems


T.P. Pavlova

The paper introduces social and cultural considerations of information systems caused by increasing significance of the information and communication systems followed by logics of modern science development with forming new scientific paradigm and new research methodology based on widespread use of information theory concepts and methods. In this connection one of the most up-to-date problems is the need to research conceptual essence of the information as one of objective reality issues. Analysis of the new electronic communication systems emergency makes possible to come to conclusion on irreversible change of our culture. Technological transformation shows itself as the issue of integration of various communication means into an interactive communication networks. It facilitates brain development and forming new supertext and metalanguage. For the first time ever in history of culture one and the same system unites written, verbal and audiovisual means of human communication. As a result, «computer-telecommunication explosion» fundamentally changed human communications, as well as exchange procedures for scientific knowledge and culture masterpieces making possible to use new technologies of scientific research, and concurrently brought new learning forms into the world educational system. The paper describes a term cyberculture, which takes a special place among description of new categories in modern science, such as virtuality and intellectual robot. The virtual robot is a permanent component of flexible production systems. It may be easily re-programmed according to various production tasks. In such case there is no need to reconfigure production areas and facilities. Subject matter of “intellectual” technology can be revealed through its specific features. Computer technology comprises artificial means of human activity, enhancing human potential for analytical and scientific activity. It has been created exclusively to get certain knowledge and estimate numerous factors. In some cases it embodies power of knowledge on environment reality, and labor result of production workers, as well as potential of economics.

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