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The measuring methods for intensity level of reflection from the underlying surface at the pulsed radar positions


A.N. Fomin, V.A. Kopylov

This article is dedicated to enhancing the quality of radar to detect air targets at close range against the intense reflections of the underlying surface. Tactical radar data can be fully realized only under the real noise conditions and the appropriate selection of the operating mode. Best detection rates are achieved in signal processing amplitude channel radar receiver. Continued inclusion MTI in the processing path impedes detection (detection probability) and reduces the detection range. Therefore, it is advisable to set switching of amplitude and coherent signal channels in the signal processing on the background clutter, depending on the intensity of the reflection from the underlying surface. We consider two approaches to the problem of measurement of the intensity of the reflection from the underlying surface, taking into account: first, only the relief specific nature of certain radar, and the second, the dependence of level of clutter both on relief specific nature and the operating wavelength of the signal. The second approach additionally provides the ability to calculate whether the target with given EPR will be detected against local subjects. The availability of information about the level of intensity of reflections from the underlying surface can further evaluate the quality of the MTI system (namely, the ratio clutter suppression by terrain details). When implementing the second approach, which makes it possible to calculate whether the target with given EPR against the MP will be detected, it is possible to identify a particular position angle radar most dangerous areas of flight targets with a littleness of the EPR (cruise missiles, antiradar missiles).

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