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Multistage compression of quasiperiodic signals


S.P. Panko, A.V. Mishurov, V.V. Evstratko, A.A. Gorchakovskii

The article compares the most common compression methods of quasiperiodic signals. Multistage compression algorithm of ECG signals is described. Compression of digitized quasiperiodic signals, which also include electrocardiographic (ECG) signals, is a very important line of telemedicine services development. It is especially useful in remote Holter monitoring, associated with transmission a lot of information via telecommunications networks. ECG signals quasiperiodicity explained by the influence of respiratory and otherhuman activity, rhythm disturbances, which are called «Arrhythmia» and other individual characteristics. Improvement of ECG compression algorithms are motivated, above all, the desire to reduce traffic and decrease the associated costs, which should be met by the patient.

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