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Feature of the propagation of polarized light through an optical system with a conductive plate


A.V. Bukharin

The optical system comprising a horizontal conductive plate located behind a rectangular hole in a dark flat screen is presented. At the entrance aperture radiation incident on an object with the plane of polarization is parallel to the edge of the conductive plate. In the propagation of light from the object to the observation point field is a superposition of the fields, resulting as a direct wave propagation, and as a result of reflection from the surface of the platinum. Phase shift between the two sources of π. This type of solutions corresponding expression derived by Sommerfeld diffraction of a plane wave on a conducting half-plane. Considered a biaxial lidar sensing scheme, based on the review of the optical system. Receiving and transmitting channels of the lidar divided conductive platinum. The calculation of the geometrical form factor for the field of view of the receiving channel and the probe beam when the polarization plane of the probe source is parallel and perpendicular to the edge of the plate. It is shown that the polarization parallel to the edge of the plate geometrical form factor increases slower than normal to the plane of polarization. This effect is due to the fact that the direct and reflected rays propagating at low grazing angles mutually cancel each other. This effect can be used in remote sensing, which is necessary to decrease the signal from the near-field.

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