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Application of the operational analysis at design of difficult systems


V. G. Vyskub – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Institute of the government, the right and innovative technologies. E-mail:
V. S. Tselishchev – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Institute of the government, the right and innovative technologies. E-mail:

The work describes the operational analysis technique of difficult systems. The technique is based on a transformation of linear spaces. The essence of the technique is explained in the example of definition of output characteristics of a designed system on the specified input and output characteristics of two systems-analogues, with no information about mathematical dependences of output characteristics from the input. You need to design a similar system with improved output characteristics and approximately calculate them. The number of input parameters is much greater than the number of systems-analogues, which complicates the task of design. Without knowing interdependencies between output and input characteristics of the earlier developed systems-analogues, it is possible to apply the proposed technique of an operative analysis, which makes it possible to solve the formulated task – to define output characteristics of a new analogous system with an acceptable engineering accuracy. Information about systems-analogues is used as «training» of the design of new systems. There is an example of the application of the technique for the evaluation of the characteristics of a difficult system. The original premise of the operative analysis is the linearity of the input-output dependencies that can be justified by the evolutionary nature of the development of difficult systems. The accuracy of such analysis depends on the number of similar systems, dimension characteristics, from the proximity to the characteristics of the design.

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