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Radar digital signal processing algorithm under interfering reflections from a spreading surface


D. О. Drozdov – Student, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Research Associate «OKB TRAVERZ». E-mail:

Modern radar-tracking systems functioning essential feature is work under noises influence. Besides the active noises created by the opponent, radar has to fight against the passive noises arising at signal reflection from natural (terrestrial and water surfaces, hydrometeors) and artificial reflectors (fencings, roofs of houses, roads). In work the algorithm of digital signal processing, considering interfering reflections from the spreading surface is discussed. The radiated signal represents a pack of radio impulses with phase manipulation with Barker's 13-digit code. The reflected signal is characterized by a casual delay and Doppler frequency which are carriers of useful information about range of the target and its speed. The offered digital signal processing algorithm uses delay compression by means fast convolution algorithm. Difference from the matched filtration consists in use of the Wiener optimum filter that allows to lower significantly sidelobe and to increase resolution on a delay. The maximum and integrated sidelobe level reduction of uncertainty function is estimated at various values weight function parameter. The comparative analysis of uncertainty function is given. The presented algorithm allows to raise significantly radar functioning quality at the expense of interfering reflections influence reduction. The received results can be used when developing modern and perspective radar and are realized in real time on digital signal processors and (or) programmable logical integrated schemes.

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