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Spin splitting of two dimensional states in the conduction band of asymmetric heterostructures: contribution from the atomically sharp interface


Zh.A. Devizorova – Student MPTI. E-mail:
V.A. Volkov – Dr.Sc. (Phis.-Math.), Professor, Leading Researcher, Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering, and Electronics Russian Academy of Sciences

The effect of an atomically sharp impenetrable interface on the spectrum spin splitting of two-dimensional electrons in asymmetric heterostructures has been analyzed. The single band Hamiltonian for envelope functions is supplemented by a boundary condition (BC) taking into account the possibility of the existence of Tamm states, the spin-orbit interaction, the bulk inversion asymmetry, and the asymmetry of a quantum well. BC contains the single phenomenological length R characterizing the structure of the interface at atomic scales. In the absence of magnetic field, the spin hamiltonian is the sum of the Dresselhaus and the Bychkov-Rashba terms with the constants renormalized owing to the interface contribution. In the field B containing the quantizing component Bz, the off components of the g-factor tensor are linear functions of |Bz| and the number of the Landau level N.
  1. Nefyodov Yu. A., Shchepetilnikov A. V, Kukushkin I. V. et al. Electron g-factor anisotropy in GaAs/Al1−xGaxAs quantum wells of different symmetry // Phys. Rev. B. 2011. V. 84. 233302.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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