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Research of efficiency of the collective control unmanned aerial vehicles in a composition of the local network


V. I. Merkulov – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, JSC «Concern «Vega»
I. O. Samodov – Engineer, JSC «Concern «Vega»

Decentralized management [1] is one of the best practices to ensure interoperability of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). However, along with the existing theoretical basis [2], currently there is no applied research of this method. As part of the network approach based on local optimization [2] was obtained by the algorithm group trajectory control UAVs. In this connection it is interesting to study the effectiveness of this method on the basis of simulation in the process of comparing algorithms guidance in the horizontal plane of collective and individual control [3]. In the process of solving this problem is simulated flight of the three UAVs in the horizontal plane in a Cartesian coordinate system. As performance indicators were used: control time and linear output error UAV to the desired rate and error control over the angular coordinates. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the algorithm decentralized group control UAVs. Synthesized collective management algorithm, compared with the algorithm of individual guidance, provides adequate control group both linear and angular coordinates, realizing greater security of the joint flight.

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