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High-power precision switching current regulator


N. A. Kushnerev – Head of Laboratory, JSC «Concern «Vega»
M. V. Rodin – Engineer, JSC «Concern «Vega»

Solenoids, which create focusing magnetic field, are used to focus electron stream in signal-generating klystron of modern onboard radars with help of high level output magnitude. Power supply is used for holding required setting of magnetic field at all klystron’s working conditions. Solenoid power supply (SPS) characteristics demand stringent requirements. So that projecting of high-power precision switching current regulator comes with a row of different difficulties. Up until now SPS had been built according to the six-phase rectifier scheme. However, the main disadvantage of power supplies is still the poor mass-dimensional value. Analysis of the ways of specific indicator of SPS shows that particularly the only appropriate method for decreasing its mass and dimensions is the usage of high frequency regulator built on bridge circuit scheme. Regulation and ripple smoothing of output current occurs because of the PWM modulation in converter usage, which can be provided with help of the double feedback connection. Thanks to the usage of switching transistors of COOLMOS type (under condition of decreasing influence of transistor parasitic diode on converter), special construction of the pulse transformer (wire-type: litz and plate-radiators) and precision transducer of the output current SPS showed a significant improvement of mass-dimensional value comparing to the power supply of the previous generation. SPS efficiency makes 91%.

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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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