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The data reduction to the determination of position task using known distances


D. V. Lukin – Ph.D. (Eng.), Deputy, JSC «SIE «Rubin»
А. G. Gordienko – Deputy Head, JSC «SIE «Rubin»
М. А. Moskaleva – Engineer, JSC «SIE «Rubin»
А. S. Gorbunov – Engineer, JSC «SIE «Rubin». E-mail:

In the article the data reduction (smoothing) different methods to determination of positions task of the known distance, which using in fast search of staff system to increasing of stability and precision of coordinates, are considered. The data sets to immovable blip and blip, and blip, which move uniformly, are using to compare. Data processing is done with help of smoothing methods: simple moving average, modified moving average, exponentially weighted moving average as well as with help of approximation. Analysis of using methods is done.

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May 29, 2020

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