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Experience in the application of modern design and technology solutions in the design of the interconnect knotted compounds


А. V. Kashaev – Head of Department, JSC «SIE «Rubin»
А. N. Loginov – Deputy Head of Department, JSC «SIE «Rubin»
I. R. Abuzyarov – Head of Department, JSC «SIE «Rubin». E-mail:
V. G. Reikh – Director, JSC «Corporation «Vega».

The harness production at the Russian enterprises has not undergone any noticeable changes. At the same time the world experience shows how actively this production sphere is developing. One can observe general complexification of connecting systems, expansion in the number of connections. The majority of harness assemblies are used in the conditions where heat-resistance, moisture-resistance, resistance to corrosive media are key requirements, and cables and harnesses will be, as a rule, exposed to more severe factors than the equipment they are connected to. Selection of the cable components, parts and materials is the most important stage during the cable development. These days the materials of the Tyco Electronics company as well as its system approach to designing harnesses in general have become widespread. The priority is given to the quality of electronics produced for state customers. With the progress of microelectronics and nanotechnologies one has a possibility to significantly decrease the weight of devices and equipment as well as harnesses. Recently, one has revealed that home industry lags behind not only in the technology of cable and harness production, but in the normative documents regulating design and production in this field. Under the circumstances state and branch standards do not keep up with modern world requirements for the quality of production. The JSC “SPE “Rubin” has developed, approved and introduced a lot of different design and engineering documents. Application of new technologies will provide a qualitative leap in the harness production – transition from the technologies of 30–40 years ago to the modern level, the products reliability and repairability improvement, meeting the latest world standards.
  1. Tyco Electronics. Wire and Cable, Harnessing and Protection Products.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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