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Integrated use of radio channels for emergency warning


M.A. Khairullin – leading engineer, JSC «Concern «Automation». E-mail:

The complex of measures to ensure the protection of population and territories occupies an important place warning and public awareness of the dangers arising from emergency situations of natural and man-made and the necessary protection measures. Warning system by its nature is imposed system, that is not to create a separate channel of communication lines, and is used to transmit messages warning and signals management of existing network. Characteristics of the message flow have pronounced unevenness and transmitted at peak load used in the primary communication networks. The traditional way of warning to the population - messaging alerts networks for the dissemination of television programs and radio broadcasting, including tracts of primary and secondary distribution programs. Modern technology can significantly expand broadcasting capabilities for building warning systems, as well as to increase the effectiveness of warning systems through the integrated use of emerging opportunities. Considering broadcasting as a way of communicating messages emergency warning to the population, it is necessary to identify the main ways of sending messages: 1. Replacement of the main audio program warning signal. 2. Signaling warning and signals management on the background main audio program. 3. Signaling warning and signals management in conjunction with the main audio program using channels of user information. It is also necessary to consider the possibilities of digital broadcasting in relation to the problem of sending messages warning and signals management, as planned transition to digital broadcasting. In digital broadcasting the following main ways of transferring messages: Replacement of the main audio program warning signal. Signaling warning and signals management in conjunction with the main audio program using channels of user information. Study all possible ways to communicate and control by means of alert broadcasting allows to draw conclusions about the possibility of using existing methods for transmitting emergency messages, which are not used in full and on the prospects of alert broadcasting channels. To implement this concept of priority; discusses options for building a system of alerts based on the standard series-produced.

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