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Large aperture phased antenna array radiation parameters measurement using unmanned aerial vehicles


V.I. Klassen – Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Professor, General director, JSC of Closed Joint-Stock Radio Company «Vector», Chistopol, Russia. E-mail:
I.A. Prosvirkin – Director on Information Technologies, Radio Company «Vector», Chistopol, Russia. E-mail:

The publication is devoted to solving problems of measuring the eloctrodynamic characteristics of large aperture stationary antennas and restore the actual volume directional pattern. It is shown that the greatest economic efficiency has fly-by method based on spatial analysis of antenna radiation in the far-field region. The specificity of this method requires introduction of the maximum automation level at all stages of work, starting from flight control, measurements and measurement data recording to information processing and construction of the antenna directional pattern. Therefore, in order to increase the level of automation and to reduce the cost of flying hours, as the carrier of the probe is suggested to use lightweight class UAV. The publication reviews the problems of high-precision navigation support basing on the satellite radio navigation, measurement faults and sources of errors, software and hardware of the system, ground infrastructure as well as organizational-technical issues of the measurement system operation. Fly-by parameters, recording and measurement post-processing issues are also described there.

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