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Concept of the antenna for Ka-band on-the-move sattelite communication and its elements on the base of substrate integrated waveguide


S.N. Borisov – Ph.D. Student, engineer, JSC «Radiofizika»
S.A. Ganin – head of laboratory, JSC «Radiofizika»
A.V. Shishlov – Ph.D. (Eng.), head of department, JSC «Radiofizika», Deputy Head of Chair «Radiophisics and Technical Cybernetics» of the Faculty of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
A.G. Shubov – Ph.D., Scientific consultant, JSC «Apex»

The concept of vehicular satellite communication antenna for Ka-band and the results of simulation of its key elements on the base of substrate integrated waveguide structure are presented. Antenna consists of linear subarrays, inclined to the horizon. The scanning in the biconical sector is mechanical in the azimuth plane and electrical in the elevation plane. To reduce interferential maximums in the azimuth plane it is suggested to place radiators in adjacent linear subarrays in a checkerboard pattern. The feeder of the antenna array is a parallel-type divider. Options of single-layered and multilayered dividers are considered. A circularly-polarized microstrip-fed patch is as a radiator. A transition from substrate integrated waveguide to the microstrip line is designed. The characteristics of the embedded radiator, T-joints of the divider, 4-channel divider as a whole and transitions are presented.

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