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Development of legislation about criminal investigation in 1864 - 1917 years period in Russia


A.M. Naumov – Ph.D. (Jurid.), Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Vladimir branch). E-mail:

The statute of criminal proceeding’ 1864 made a system, which characterized by mixed form of criminal investigation of continental type in Russia. From 1864 till 1917 Russian criminal procedure legislation was developing in the context of this form. The author has pointed out several features characterizing the criminal procedure form of this period. These features came across some objective factors such as class representative state; revolutions and wars; immense territory and differences in development of these territories. As one of the features was influence the administrative power on judicial authority. Another distinction of legislation about criminal investigation was extreme character that means extension of war power acts to peace time; remanding non-combatants for court martial; the reduced time-frames of criminal investigation and court proceedings; restriction accused the right to defense and the right to a non-public trial; without right of appeal and immediate execution of sentence. The last feature of the criminal procedure form was connected with immense territory: particulars of criminal procedure law force in different locations, existing the exception to the main rules, made by the statute of criminal proceeding in different locations.

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