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Main principles of public private partnership mechanisms realization in the region


Z. A. Zakharova – Ph.D. (Econ.), Associate Professor, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Vladimir branch)

Specificity of management and ordering of municipal property consists available the real proprietor (local governments) and nominal (territorial community). Advantages and lacks of concession agreements as tool of state-private partnership are formulated. The analysis of the is standard-legal documents forming institutional conditions of realization of concession agreements is carried out. The key factors essentially constraining development of concession agreements in sphere of management by municipal property are revealed. Legal practice shows that the development of public-private partnership (PPP) in each separately taken subject of the Federation should be based primarily on a certain regulatory framework. Today in many regions of the Russian Federation have adopted laws on public-private partnership, but in most they are of declarative character, as evidenced by insignificant number of implemented projects in the field of PPP. So, further improvement of the regional legislation in the development of public-private partnership, in particular in the work proposed to develop guidelines for the implementation of PPP mechanisms on which to base a subject with the participation in the PPP projects.

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