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Forming innovative economic environment for disabled people based on information technology


А. А. Malyuga – Post-graduate Student, International Institute of Public Administration and Management. E-mail:

A serious omission of the most realized nowadays projects of involvement of disabled people into labour activity is that not enough disabled people participate in the process. Forming innovative economic environment using information technology creates new possibilities for involving disabled people into labour activity and controlling distribution of public goods. Information portal provides interaction of local government, education organizations, health care organizations, social security organizations, employment organizations, disabled people and members of their family. Creating regional specialized information portal helps to salve such tasks: providing population with full and any time available information about health service, education service, culture service, adaptive physical training service in public and non-commercial organizations; offering possibility for disabled people and members of their family to obtain information with minimum efforts and at minimum time; offering possibility of organizations – service providers for disabled people, local government to obtain information about quality of service, problems of the population and to salve such problems rapidly. Creating information portal will not only facilitate the access to possibilities offered by employment organizations for disabled people but will provide psychological comfort, shorten time in queues and give self-confidence to people, change institutional environment.

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