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Enterprise information environment: engineering analysis of the design equipment coordinate-time and navigation support


E. V. Buyanov – Senior Engineer, Sector Reliability and Testing Equipment, Open Joint Stock Company «Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time» (St. Petersburg). E-mail:
M. А. Konovalov – Head of Information Technologies, Open Joint Stock Company «Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time» (St. Petersburg). E-mail:
I. А. Kurchanov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Deputy Director General for the Quality, Open Joint Stock Company «Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time» (St. Petersburg). E-mail:
S. F. Svin'in – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Leading Research Scientist, St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences. E-mail:

In the process of designing equipment for timing and navigation support constantly having problems in analysis of reliability of functioning units and units of the equipment specified in the technical -analytical task environments. "Classic" approach to solving this problem is the production of prototypes , conducting field tests and eliminating observations / deficiencies identified during testing with subsequent production of new prototypes and test repetition . In modern conditions it is necessary to organize the work on designing hardware -analytical way that would minimize the likelihood of negative results on tests and that would be the first prototype in quality was actually a serial .Substantial assistance in the implementation of this approach to design -analytical instrumentation can provide specialized software running within a enterprise information environment for the enterprise, namely, system engineering analysis , which allows to carry out the necessary calculations in the early stages of design -analytical instruments based on the digital prototype products. At work, in the framework of the enterprise information environment, the analysis of performance digital prototype products in the terms of reference given operating conditions , expected next sequence model works: Preparation of a digital prototype unit develops products in the form of 3D models and the original terms of reference for engineering calculations; Import geometry computational model in ANSYS Mechanical; Choosing a settlement of the problem; Definitions A material design model; Identify the types of interaction design model parts (binding, touch , etc.); Defining the external environment; Building computational grid finite element method; Conducting calculations; Analysis of the results and preparation of opinions (recommendations) on the results of the analysis for the transmission unit which develops. With the aim of testing methodology works for the engineering calculations within the ERC and mastering software was chosen trainer (pilot) project for the calculation of mechanical loads . As this pilot project was working on the prototype test part of the aviation navigational equipment T-50 in studies of the structural resonances. Specialized division of "RIRT" conducted field tests of a prototype product, which revealed a number of design flaws, eliminate that was only possible through changes in product design. Since the iterative search for the optimal solutions on natural samples would lead to impermissible costs time and money it was decided to analyze the performance of digital design on the product model .Work with the digital prototype products held by the scheme described above. Calculations were performed for the presence of the resonance frequencies of product design, with modifications as well as without. Deviation between the values of the resonance frequencies obtained from field testing and during the mathematical modeling can be considered acceptable , and therefore the mathematical simulation model adequate physical sample .In conclusion it should be noted that the identification of errors or design flaws during manufacture prototypes extremely negative impact on the ultimate profitability of the organization and its competitiveness. Thus, the project implementation of the system engineering analysis, as one of the parts of the enterprise information environment can detect errors and design flaws of a product prior to prototyping and increase the probability that the prototypes of products successfully pass the field tests, an important competitive advantage.

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