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Method of the automatic identification of the air object by principle of «declared – disturber»


V.I. Moskalenko – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Research Scientist, Collaborator of «46 Central Research Institute (46 CRI)» of the Defense Ministry of Russia

The problems of the air object identification in modern conditions are considered. These are characterized by the increased intensity of the utilization of the Russian air space by the foreign aircraft campaigns and also by a significant supplement of the native aircraft park by the foreign aircrafts. The capability and the utility of the aircraft identification based on the complex use of the different information sources about its individual characteristics are proved. The capability of the air object identification by principle of «declared–disturber» is considered by the data of the different sources obtained in the air traffic control system (ATCS) including the plan-dispatch information. It is shown that the automatical identification of these objects by principle of «declared and disturber» may be provided by the corresponding organization of the data bank about the individual air object characteristics and by the use of the individual air object characteristic sets composing its information portraits. As a result of the conducted evaluations the identification method was developed allowing the automatical separation of the detected air objects into «declared and disturbers» with the reasonable practical authentication and the duration of the air object identification for less one minute compared to 5-8 minutes at present.

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