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Historical and legal aspects of transformations of sexual inequality


O. I. Bogomazova – Associate Professor, Russian Public Service Academy (Vladimir branch). E-mail:

In this article the historical and legal aspects of sexual inequality are viewed. The intention of the concept of the legal status of women changed depending on social and economic, mental and ethical, religious and scientific views. In the context of contemporary scientific analysis of the legal status of women one of the most significant aspects evoking sharp disputes is the phenomenon of the sexual asymmetry. Originally the sexual asymmetry had the nature of a statement and was viewed as natural insurmountable consequence of biological sexual distinction (Plato «State», Aristotle «Politics»), but according to emancipation of the general sense of justice and that of women in particular it began to be understood as socially conditional phenomenon which may and must be overcome. During a long period including antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance and till today the philosophic, social and political and legal conception went through some chronologically successive stages of evolution of the views on sexual inequality. These conceptions underlie the basis for the forming and development of the legal status of women in society including Russia.

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