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Properties of focused antennas for problems of acoustic echolocation diagnostic


D.A. Vedenkin – Ph.D. (Eng.), Department TMS, Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev. E-mail:
Y.E. Sedelnikov – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Department RTS, Kazan national research technical university named after A.N. Tupolev. E-mail:
O.V. Potapova – Ph.D. (Eng.), Department RTS, Kazan national research technical university named after A.N. Tupolev. E-mail:

The article deals with the general properties of focused acoustic systems, which are based on the principle of the antenna array, which is a functional system omnidirectional radiators excited by means of a dispenser. The intensity of the wave field can be represented as a superposition of partial wave fields. In the surrounding area the focus point, the wave field has a complex structure in which there is increased both in perpendicular and parallel to the direction of the aperture. Considered characteristics such as antenna directivity in the Fresnel zone, the size of the focus area and the side lobe level. Considered depending on the characteristics of the proposed quality parameters and formulas for their evaluation.

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