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Complex information processing in humans


N. V. Selezneva – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computers Sciences (MGUPI)

Human senses have specific methodological errors and limitations due to the measurement method used. The basic methodological errors major human senses – visual and vestibular. Such errors cannot be detected and compensated themselves senses. The principles of organization of complex information processing in the human body, which provides compensation for methodological errors senses. A scheme of assessment space condition of the human, in which as priori information accumulated in the memory used data of the dynamic properties of human and surrounding objects, and the methods of measurement used his senses. On the basis of these data, at each time point scheme a forecast changes of position in space, as the man himself and the surrounding objects, whereby a person perceives the reality surrounding him about projected models. Compensation methodical errors of the senses is only for certain conditions of human existence. When these conditions are violated methodological errors appear as not adequate perception of the surrounding reality. The causes of spatial illusions on moving objects - aircraft and spacecraft in weightlessness.

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