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Improving the reliability of identification with using smart cards for fingerprints in the Vietnamese Socialist Republic


Pham Duy Thai – Post-graduate Student, Chair of SAITS, Moscow State Technical University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (MSTU MIREA)
V.M. Tkachenko – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Chair of SAITS, Moscow State Technical University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (MSTU MIREA)

The use of biometrics to verify identity involves the use of physical characteristics such as face, voice or fingerprint, for the purpose of identification. A comparison of the fingerprint is the most successful technology of biometric identification due to the ease of use, lack of outside interference and reliability. Probability of error in the user authentication fingerprint is much smaller compared to other biometric methods. Fingerprint consists of grooves and strips forming a complex pattern that is unique to each person. The smartcard contains not only a storage device, but also a processor capable of executing various programs . Smartcard makes it resistant to attacks, because she has no dependence on vulnerable external devices. The smartcard allows storage of large unit of data about patterns of fingerprints. This article discusses the basic algorithm used for fingerprint recognition problems and improve the reliability of identification based on smart card in Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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