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Compact antenna range at conditions of geometricaly limited premisses


N.V. Samburov – Head of Department, JSC «Typhoon» (Kaluga). E-mail:
D.Y. Rybakov – Deputy Head of Department, JSC «Typhoon» (Kaluga)
N.G. Ivanov – Head of Engineering Department, JSC «Typhoon» (Kaluga)

If an anechoic room is constructed at restricted space and if it is placed at a general use workshop, there are geometrical and logistic limits imposed. The basic problem at this case is a geometrical shape choice. Pseudorectangular form with asymmetrical diametrical disposition relative to working area and with deflected back wall. Room asymmetry permits to exclude ordered field oscillation, to dispose incidental local reflectors and «glare» zones of point radiation. The problem of being tested antenna and collimator amplitude-phase distribution rating is decided additionally. It is been doing by a planar scanner, which is brought to through the gate at the anechoic room back wall. 1. The construction is inscribed to lateral room dimensions and do not blocks transit passage and jib passing. 2. AER impermeability is sufficient to normal climatic conditions maintenance by build-in climatic system. 3. AER construction provides sufficient EMC with another workplaces at same workshop. 4. During the development, at AER there was provided possibility to do equipment routine maintenance and its test works as well as special antenna measures.

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