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Multifunctional complexified L band switching device


A.A. Ganichev – Design Engineer, JSC «Typhoon» (Kaluga). E-mail:
N.V. Samburov – Head of Department, JSC «Typhoon» (Kaluga). E-mail:

During a development of multifunctional radar systems it's often necessary to combine working of different radar's transceivers and a few antennas. In the article a designed switching device (SD) is described. The function of the SD is alternate switching two radar's (Radar 1 and Radar 2) transceivers with two antennas (A1, A2). The feature of the radar system is that the radar's transceivers work in disjoint bands. According to the necessary states two SD's schemes were considered: 1) control signal switching; 2) combined switching (using frequency selection). The main components of the first scheme are microwave switches. Frequency selection allows to reduce amount of microwave switches, amount of control signals and therefore to increase SD’s complex reliability. As a result the scheme with combined switching was chosen for SD’s realization. The main SD’s components are: 1) multiplexer; 2) microwave switch; 3) control module. In order to provide low loss and required gain slope the multiplexer was designed using a manifold coupled scheme. Arlon AD1000 (εr = 10,6) as a material of the multiplexer’s substrate allowed to place the multiplexer on an only PCB without extra connectors. In the microwave switches a parallel scheme connection of pin-diods was used. The switches were placed on an only PCB (substrate’s material is Rogers RO4003). The main control module’s functions are conversion and processing of a control signal. The control module and the microwave switches are united in one case that allowed to increase a construction’s compactness and noise immunity. The designing result is SD allowing to combine working of transceivers from a different radars.

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