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Wideband dipole


N.V. Samburov – Head of Department, JSC «Typhoon» (Kaluga). E-mail:
D.A. Kuznetsova – Design Engineer, SHF-Laboratory, JSC «Typhoon» (Kaluga). E-mail:

The dipole broadbanding technique is offered. The feature of this method is a «matching device – transmitter – reflector» system complex consideration. The Tatarinov narrow-band matching technique thought the instrumentality of a nondissipative stub is used as matching device basis. Principles of «dipole – coaxial line» matching are considered at «Main part», basic matching device broadbanding methods are shown. Differences of the offered scheme and the prototype are placed. The transmitter construction is examined generally, design chief features are specified: 1. The two-wire line segment 2 repeats dipole branches base construction. Feeders 2 and 3 are even and single, its wave impedances are equal. 2. Dipole branches form is a truncated cone. 3. Structural feeders 2 and 3 corresponds dipole upright, which simultaneously defines distance between a transmitter and a conducting surface. Possible transmitter parameters calculation and research means are considered at «Research techniques». Calculation intricacy of a complex impedance by irregular shape dipole over the reflector is noted. The Ansoft HFSS finite-element research method is chosen in the capacity of basis calculating technique. Analyzable variables are enumerated. Initial model parameters and gave rise to it considerations are placed. Mathematics model and full-scale dummy VSWR design values are compared at «Model and dummy research results». Dummy radiation patterns are placed for difference frequencies. Working band 65% was achieved for conventional VSWR boundary value <2. However, substantial radiation pattern distortions, which reaches −8 dB value, are marked at upper range part. Transmitter working band is 40% subject to radiation pattern unidirectionality.

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