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Control method of operability of the cold cathode in geliy-neonovyh monoblock lasers


I.K. Belova – Ph. D. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, Department «Software of the computer, information technologies and applied informatics», Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU. E-mail:
E.O. Deryugina – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU. E-mail:

In a number of branches of science and equipment broad application was found by gas-discharge devices (lasers) in which the cold cathode is used. The necessary list of controlled parameters of materials of cold cathodes usually is established depending on their use in concrete type of the laser. Current of post-issue (IПЭ) and its change in time, and also size of a mean square deviation of current of post-issue from average current of post-issue (σiпэ), in our opinion, are the most objective. At their application the problem of increase of reliability of quality control of a material of cold cathodes is solved. At this approach the specified problem is solved because in a way of an assessment of quality of the cold cathodes, including pulse stimulation of a surface of a material of the cathode, measurement of temporary dependence of post-issue with the subsequent comparison of the received dependence with reference, and stimulation and measurements of temporary dependence of post-issue carry out in conditions when density of digit current, amplitude of tension and impulse duration more than for 25% exceed density of the normal smoldering category, statistical potential of ignition of the category and time of statistical delay of the category, not less than 30 times carry out measurement of time of delay of the category, reject max and value min. Experimental dependence of service life of the oxidized cold cathodes with concentration of impurity no more than 0,01% (their quality) of the size Iпэ at various Iпэ values, measured on 100 experimental samples of cold cathodes in gas-discharge devices corresponds to a confidential interval of σiпэ 99% probability of the right forecast. The size of current of PE Iпэ characterizes quality (service life) of the cold cathode, i.e. its issue properties as a whole, and the dispersion of Iпэ characterizes uniformity of issue properties. Apparently at Iпэ σiпэ < 0,5Iпэ for cathodes with service life more than 200 h all examinees devices keep within a confidential interval. The coefficient of Q is thus equal 3.5•10−20 А/ч. The carried-out tests showed that reliability of the received results made 99,7% that is twice better than a prototype. Reliability of an offered method increases as two parameters, instead of one are controlled.

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