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Estimation of parameters of the designed systems on known analogs


V.G. Vyskub – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Институт государственного управления, права и инновационных технологий (Москва). E-mail: V.S. Tselishchev – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Институт государственного управления, права и инновационных технологий (Москва). E-mail:

At design of difficult systems there is a need to define output or entrance characteristics of systems at incomplete information on de-pendences of output characteristics on the entrance. Attempts to design the improved systems on the basis of the available data on output and entrance characteristics of earlier developed similar systems (analogs) set a task of development of the corresponding mathematical apparatus of an assessment of design options. The number of input parameters is much greater than the number of systems-analogues. As the mathematical instrument of design the technique of vector-matrix algebra is offered. Its application is based on the assumption of a morphism of linear spaces of entrance and output characteristics. Information about systems-analogues is used as «training» of the design of new systems. Important element of procedure of estimation is introduction of the training vector and minimization of a deviation of a vector from the design. An essence of the described technique it is possible to explain on the example of definition of output characteristics of the designed system on the characteristics of the known analogues. A special feature of this approach is its complexity. Estimation error depends on the number of similar systems and proximity of their characteristics to the characteristics new project.


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