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Nonreciprocity of spin waves on 1D magnonic crystal


D.V. Kalyabin – Post-graduate Student, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Trainee Researcher, Kotelnikov IRE RAS. E-mail: I.V. Lisenkov – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Researcher, Kotelnikov IRE RAS S.A. Osokin – Student, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Engineer, Kotelnikov IRE RAS S.A. Nikitov – Dr.Sc. (Phys. Math.), Correspondent Member RAS, Acting Director, Kotelnikov IRE RAS

Spin wave propagation in different magnonic crystals is considered. Nonreciprocal properties of this waves leads, under certain condi-tions on configuration of structure with magnonic crystal, to displacement of Bragg-like band gap into Brillouin zone. Due to this fact there appears bands with one-directional propagation and bands with negative group velocity.


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