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Radiation power and linewidth of a semifluxon-based Josephson oscillator


М.Е. Paramonov – Post-graduate Student, Kotelnikov IRE RAS. E-mail: V.P.Koshelets – Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Head of Laboratory, Kotelnikov IRE RAS. E-mail: E.B. Goldobin – Professor, Tubingen University, Germany. E-mail:

In this work we demonstrated a new type of superconducting generator operating at 200 GHz based on flipping a semifluxon in a long Josephson junction at application of the bias current. The semifluxon appears at the discontinuity of the Josephson phase artificially created by means of two submicron size injectors in the Josephson junction. The electromagnetic radiation is detected by an on-chip detector (tunnel Josephson junction). The radiation power received by the detector is of about 10 nW which is comparable with the consumption of the generator power of 100 nW. In this paper we have measured the radiation spectra of a new generator and dependence of its linewidth on the oscillator parameters.


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