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Design activities process representation using the procedural modeling semantics


A.F. Pokhilko – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Ulyanovsk State Technical University. E-mail: D.E. Tsygankov – Post-graduate Student, Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Ulyanovsk State Technical University. E-mail:

Representation of the design process by system of design procedures, which described in the IDEFx methodology, allows decomposing it into simpler design stages with definite physical meaning. Such procedural system is able to give a complete description of the design process, opening up the possibility of its a detailed analysis. Each of these stages is strictly defined by order of its execution and initial data. This makes it impossible to replace one stage to another without breaking the structure of the design solution. The design process includes the step of constructing a solid model, which is a project solution as well as the design documentation. This paper examines the possibility of replacing the 3D modeling process implemented in the «universal» CAD to the process based on Open CASCADE technolo-gy. In this research, the authors identified system of design conditions and limitations on design operations included in the Open CASCADE library. Dedicated system includes a set of preconditions for the implementation of project activities, a number of operations, which can be performed at this stage of the design, and a number of design parameters that describe the specific design stage. The set of Open CASCADE design procedures formed on the dedicated system basis. Such procedures are limited in functionality for generating 3D-model of a specific designed product. Software implementation of this system design conditions and limitations is a coding of project procedures and their alignment in the correct order. It is able to provide a correct replacement project stages without disturbing the structure of project design formation. Thus, the theoretical premises to the automated replacement project stages, which are at the same level in the design process, were established. This will allow to accumulate, synthesize and modify the process of formation of the design decisions without violating the structure of a given design algorithm.


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