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«ON–OFF» processing of video sequences


A.V. Bogoslovsky – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Department of Higher Mathematics, Tambov state technical University. E-mail: I.V. Zhigulina – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Tambov state technical University. E-mail: I.S. Maslov – Post-graduate Student, Department of Radio Engineering, Tambov state technical University. E-mail:

The improvement of navigation systems, security and management directly connected with the success of the vision. Currently, the possibility of the latter, especially in mobile objects is limited. When comparing the technical vision with biological possible to identify significant differences by which living beings demonstrate the amazing ability of life and survival. An interesting feature of the retina is the so-called «ON–OFF» centers. In the technical vision when determining the movement used is the analysis of changes of signals in time. Currently developed a new approach to the definition of motion in the image by analyzing the frequency characteristics. «Shutting down» some sections of the video will affect different parts of the interframe difference of frequency characteristics. Under «ON–OFF» processing will understand the formation of the interframe difference of frequency characteristics in which a part of the pixels of the input video signal is set to zero. Features obtained through «ON–OFF» processing allow you to apply various methods for detecting a moving object, in particular a threshold. Under the concept of receptive fields in the technical vision will understand the zeroing of the group of pixels. When increasing the number of zero pixels increase the values of the interframe differences of frequency characteristics. In view of the amendments interframe difference of frequency characteristics and the significant change in the quantitative parameters of the possible solution to the problem of identifying the movement in the image. Zeroing part of the pixels of the video signal, and consideration of others can actively influence on the characteristics of the generated signals. The pixels preferably to zero, i.e., «off», the groups, in this case, as in the retina of the eye, formed «OFF». Changing the length and relative position «ON» and «OFF» fields, you can generate algorithms to examine the image and to implement the modes of the active view.


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