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The identification and detection of signals reflected from targets in a distributed radar system


B.G. Tatarsky Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Director of Research and Education Center JSC «Concern «VEGA» A.R. Ilchuk Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Deputy Director for R & D «Radio-electronic technologies» P.A. Ilchuk Post-graduate Student, MAI (National Research University)

The literature devoted to the detection, are generally considered a situation in which there is one correspondence between the received signals and the signals emitted by the radar system. At the same time the use of an ensemble of probing signals distributed radar (DR) during the reception of the reflected signal from the target it is necessary to establish compliance with the received signals to signals within the band, followed by the adoption of a decision on a target is detected. In this context, the aim of this article is to consider algorithms for the identification and detection of signals reflected from targets, DR using an ensemble of orthogonal signals. Article shows a method of synthesis of a family of algorithms receiver operating in the conditions of admission of an arbitrary set of reflected signals from a single target. As a specific example of implementation is a functional unit which produces three detection and distinguishing signals. For the same device shows the characteristics of detection. It has been shown that detection performance depends on the correlation properties of detectable signals.


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