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Estimation of the probability of detection of the air object moving in hidden trajectory using onboard Doppler radar


A.P. Kirsanov - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Senior Research Scientist, Higher School of Economics (National Research University), Moscow. E-mail:

An on board radar operating in the impulse – Doppler mode has the characteristic features of the detection zone. The feature lies in the fact that at every point of the detection zone an airborne object (AO) has a sector of directions such that the onboard Doppler radar will not detect it as long as it moves in these directions. This sector is called the sector of invisible motion directions (SIMD) of the flying object. Due to these features, there exist hidden trajectories such that objects flying along such trajectories are not detected by an onboard Doppler radar such as AWACS radar. Hidden trajectories are non-linear path with a variable curvature. The action of various disturbing factors can lead to significant deviations from the hidden path and exit velocity vector of the AO beyond the SIMD. Because of this the AO can be detected by airborne Doppler radar. A model of the aircraft flying on the hidden trajectory in the detection zone onboard Doppler radar is proposed. The model takes into account the error of measuring the coordinates of air objects, discrete control signal and the dynamics of the aircraft. Using the proposed model is estimated the probability of detection of the aircraft onboard Doppler radar because of the deviations from the hidden trajectory. The simulation results showed that this probability is very low. This suggests the possibility of practical implementation of the secretive movement of the air object in the detection area onboard radar with a Doppler signal filtering.


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