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The simulation results of the detector pulse signal with noise hindrances


A.L. Priorov – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Associate Professor, P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University. E-mail: Е.Е. Tsubanov – Teacher of Faculty, Department of Radio Engineering Systems, Branch of the Mozhajskij Military Space Academy (Yaroslavl). E-mail: tzubаnoff.еvgeny@уа

In work results the study, which was performed using the statistical method of computer simulation, algorithm of additional signal processing, which has been considered in an earlier publication [Priorov A.L., Tsubanov E.E. The method of detection signal with noise hindrances using giant-pulse radar // Antenna. 2014. № 12. P. 32–37.]. The study model corresponds to a typical total-difference monopulse system, which provides a linear overlook in a predetermined angular sector of a DF plane. In the sector of view when group corner base does not exceed the width of the antenna beam, there are two sources: pulse signal source (a single rectangular signal model with no intra-radio pulse modulation and with random amplitude and the initial phase) and masking noise interference (continuous model of Gaussian correlated noise). This paper presents the main results of the study model of the algorithm for processing the received oscillations in the most typical conditions of the interference environment. In particular, the evaluation of quality indicators detection and analysis have been considered; the estimates of the expected values of the coefficient to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and the angular resolution have been presented; in the case of simultaneous observation of the signal and noise, we present plots of a DF output; variants of the type of two-dimensional relief «angle-time delay», graphic curves for the detection of single and burst probing signal, variants of the type of raster display with brightness mark in the traditional processing and considering the developed method. The conclusions of the work noted that the considered algorithm for extra processing the output signals of the receiver of monopulse direction finder allows us: to provide effective suppression of noise interference when exposed to its main and side lobes of the antenna; to improve the angular resolution of the direction finder much more than a limit corresponding to the Rayleigh criterion; to obtain an estimate of the source location with an accuracy of the resolution of the angle and distance element.


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