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Synthesis of the symmetric circuits of wideband converter frequency-to-voltage


B.F. Zmij – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Military Uchebno-Center of Science of Air Forces «Air-force academy» of Professor N.E. Zhukovsky and Ju.A. Gagarin. E-mail: А.V. Ananjev – Ph.D. (Eng.), Military Uchebno-Center of Science of Air Forces «Air-force academy» of Professor N.E. Zhukovsky and Ju.A. Gagarin. E-mail:

The method of synthesis of wideband symmetric converter frequency-to-voltage on the basis of application of the upgraded algorithm of Chebyshev approximation and the symmetric switching-on of the cascade connections of filters of the high and lower frequencies is developed, the comparative evaluation of various circuits of converter frequency-to-voltage is appraised, possibility of physical implementation on elements with the lumped parameters is developed. Novelty of approximation of a demanded oblique amplitude-frequency characteristic consists in upgrade of existing Remez algorithm by introduction of new criterion of accuracy of the decision of the task of approximation in the form of the quotient of the area of an error of approximation to the approximable area under an inclined line. Decisions of the task of approximation of an is linear-increasing amplitude-frequency characteristic of symmetric concerning an axis of frequencies by physically implementable polynomials in the form of a difference of products of transfer functions of electric circuits of the second order of filters of the high and lower frequencies to 12 orders inclusively are received. On the basis of a comparative evaluation of various methods of creation of circuits with an oblique amplitude-frequency characteristic advantage on value of a gain slope of an inclination of the symmetric circuits is determined at identical frequency coverage. Implementation of the received transfer functions is possible on elements with the lumped parameters with deviations from calculated parameter no more than 2%.


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