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The properties of programmable logic blocks realizing codewords of (m, n)-code


N.B. Butorina – Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, Тomsk State University. E-mail:

One of the part of self-checking systems is a self-testing checker. The checker for (m, n)-code can detect any unidirectional error manifestation on outputs of the circuit under testing. Some times is that the number of output codewords less than the number of all codewords. It is desirable to provide self-testing properties of the checker on a subset of codewords. Let the checker is constructed from the programmable logic blocks (PLB). PLBs realize by the LUT-technology, it can be programmed for implementing any Boolean function of a fixed number of variables. It uses a compact representation of a subset of (m, n)-code, which seems an appropriate tree. Synthesis of the checker is based on the cover of this tree by PLBs that realize the function of special type. Identify the properties of programmable logic blocks realizing the (m, n)-code, the input of which receives a subset of codewords of a special type.


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