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Theoretical-set model of material refillment optimisation subsystem in context of supply chain management system of distributed company with courier delivery


D.A. Tsepelev – Undergraduate, Department of Information Systems and Program Engineering, Vladimir State University named after A.&N. Stoletovs. E-mail: H.M. Saleh – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems and Program Engineering, Vladimir State University named after A.&N. Stoletovs. E-mail:

The article contains a statement of material refill planning problem for companies with courier delivery and a set-theoretic model of a domain. Typical supply chain management system contains of: sales forecasting subsystem; stock management subsystem; material refillment subsystem; reporting subsystem; optimal stock planning subsystem. Material refillment subsystem is responsible for building of optimal refillment plan. The most common algorithm of building such plan is using the sales plan as a base of forecasting. Most of distributed companies have a hierarchy of warehouses with sales points attached to them. Each sales point has some couriers who take materials from the point and deliver them to clients. Distribution of client orders between clients does not belong to supply chain management system and order data will be used as incomming parameter of material refillment subsystem. The article contains a proposal of alternative refillment algorithm that uses information about decreasing of material count as a basic for building optimal plan. The article discusses a theoretical-set model of domain, which formalizes definitions of company logistics hierarchy, material limitations, order processing etc. These formal parameters are going to be used as configuration parameters of refillment scheduling algorithm. According to the theoretical set model there is a conceptual schema of refillment system was defined. This schema consists of re-quirement configuration module, prediction module for decreasing of material count and refillment scheduling module. The next step of research is developing and testing of optimisation algorithm using the imitation modelling approach.


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