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Efficiency of radio-signal with unknown parameters detection


A.P. Trifonov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Honored Scientist of RF, Professor, Head of Department of Radiophysics, Voronezh State University. E-mail: E.V. Litvinov – Ph. D. (Phys.-Math.), Assistant, Department of Radiophysics, Voronezh State University. E-mail:

In this paper the analysis of detection algorithm of the symmetrical general form radio-signal with unknown amplitude, arrival time, duration and phase is considered provided by finite-sized а priori area. The asymptotically exact expressions for Type I and Type II error probabilities are get. The heuristic method based on the evaluation of the mean Euler characteristic of principal statistic excursion sets in fixed-size a priori area is used to evaluate Type I error probability. To derive the expression for Type II error probability the well-known expression is used there are take into account conditions of high precision estimation of unknown parameters and the distribution of principal statistic obtained for evaluation of Type I error. It is shown that the precision of derived expressions increases when the detection level rises, it does not depend on the size of a priori area and it is higher then the precision of expressions for Type I and Type II error probabilities evaluated on condition of infinite a priori area. The statistical computer modeling of bell-like signal detection algorithm is used to investigate the applicability limits of derived ex-pressions.


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