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Magnetostatic surface waves in layered structures ferrite-ferromagnetic metal based on epitaxial YIG films and nanostructures TbCo<sub>2</sub>/FeCo


A.M. Churbanov – Student, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; Engineer, Kotelnikov IRE RAS (Moscow). E-mail: A.A. Klimov – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Senior Research Scientist, Kotelnikov IRE RAS (Moscow) S.A. Nikitov – Dr.Sc. (Phys. Math.), Director, Kotelnikov IRE RAS (Moscow)

The effect of a thin ferromagnetic metal layer placed on the surface of an yttrium iron garnet surface on the spectrum and loss of surface magnetostatic waves (SMSWs) is experimentally investigated in the case of homogeneous metallization and in the case of a system of periodic metal strips. It is shown that essential attenuation is produced by a metal layer whose thickness is substantially smaller than the depth of the skin layer appearing when an SMSW propagates along a ferromagnetic–metal boundary. The presence of the SMSW reflection by the boundary between the metallic and nonmetallic parts of a ferromagnetic film is experimentally confirmed by the Mandelstam–Brillouin spectroscopy.


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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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