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Situational management system for technical preparedness of aerospace weapons and military equipment


A.F. Strakhov - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Full Professor, Scientific supervisor at JSC «GRANIT», member of Metrological Academy, member of International Academy of informational Sciences and Technologies (Moscow). E-mail: V.I. Ponomarev - Head of the Centre of Situational Management, JSC «GRANIT» (Moscow). E-mail: S.S. Molchakova - Head of Scientific-Thematic Department, Special design bureau «MERIDIAN», JSC «GRANIT» (Moscow). E-mail:

The efficiency of the fulfilment of tasks placed on the Aerospace defence forces (ADS) intimately depends on the technology readiness level of weapons and military equipment (WME). Modern products of WME are made as a complicated technical system (CTS) with the accuracy of the final result. At the same time they are presented as a reconstructive system. Due to that the level of technical readiness of the ASD and WME aggregation mostly depends on the efficiency of the work on the restoring of the work capacity of WME products in case of failure. In order to provide the required level of readiness of WME ASD products was generated the system of situational management destined to respond quickly to arising emergency situations, to provide the maneuver of forces and means and hereon to shorten the recovery time of WME ASD products in case of their failure.


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